Relax & Restore

Acupuncture is the strategic placement of ultra thin, sterile, filament needles at specific acu-points on the body that correspond to an individual’s condition. This non-invasive therapy is used to treat physical pain, emotional imbalances, respiratory and digestive conditions, women’s health issues and much more. The goal is to activate the body’s own natural healing systems to restore healthy function.

Many people report feeling a sensation such as tingling, heaviness, distention, warmth or a sensation of movement along an acupuncture channel throughout their session. Most patients find their body slip into a deeply relaxed state while they rest for 40-50 minutes during treatment.

Acupuncture therapy is cumulative and builds on itself over time. Patients benefit the most when they commit to regular weekly treatments in the beginning stage of treatment. Acute conditions typically require 5- 6 treatments within a few weeks to find lasting relief. Chronic conditions may take 6 weeks to a few months to find lasting relief.

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