Fees & First Time Visits

Let the healing begin.

Acupuncture Fees

First Time Visit/Consult with Treatment $90

Follow up Acupuncture Treatment $75

Your First Acupuncture Visit

You will receive an email with a private link to complete your new patient paperwork online upon booking. Your first visit will take approx. 75-90 min. as we allow plenty of time to chat and discuss your concerns and assess your individual constitution, including Chinese medicine pulse and tongue assessment. This includes acupuncture therapy and a 30-45 min. rest or “acu nap” as we call it!  Follow up sessions last approx. 60 minutes.

Herbal Medicine Fees

Herbal Medicine consultation  $50

This is a consultation only, no acupuncture treatment.  We meet to discuss your concerns and goals as well as to assess your individual constitution.  We will examine your pulses and tongue using Chinese medicine diagnosis and formulate an herbal medicine regimen designed specifically for you.